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Long linersHrafn GK-111Valdimar GK-195Fresh fish trawler:Sturla GK-12Freezing trawlers:Gnúpur GK-11Tómas Þorvaldsson GK-10Hrafn Sveinbjarnarson GK-255 Long liners Hrafn GK-111 Fara aftur efst í efnisyfirlit Type Long linerCategorization  Det Norske VeritasBuild Stál. Mandal, Noregi, 1974/12Lengt 1995, yfirbyggt 1977Breytt í línubát des 2002- feb 2003Engine Wichmann 1974/12, 1250 hö,  919 kWTorque  15,7 tonn Power index 2439Former names Ágúst GK, Gullberg VE, Gullfaxi KE […]

Responsible Fisheries

Thorfish ltd participates in working towards responsible fisheries management.  Our products are certified by the Icelandic logo of origin.  A product certified by the logo of origin guarantees buyers information on products origin and that it was made in a sustainable and responsible way. The Iceland Responsible Fisheries logo indicates Icelandic origin of fish catches […]

Healthy Choice

Fish is part of a healthy diet Fish is a very healthy diet for all ages. It is rich in protein and has various other nutrients, such as selenium and iodine. Fatty fish is also rich in vitamin-D and long omega-3 fatty acids, but these nutrients are in few other sources of food.  It is especially important to get enough […]

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