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Long linersHrafn GK-111Valdimar GK-195Fresh fish trawler:Sturla GK-12Freezing trawlers:Gnúpur GK-11Tómas Þorvaldsson GK-10Hrafn Sveinbjarnarson GK-255 Long liners Hrafn GK-111 Fara aftur efst í efnisyfirlit Type Long linerCategorization  Det Norske VeritasBuild Stál. Mandal, Noregi, 1974/12Lengt 1995, yfirbyggt 1977Breytt í línubát des 2002- feb 2003Engine Wichmann 1974/12, 1250 hö,  919 kWTorque  15,7 tonn Power index 2439Former names Ágúst GK, Gullberg VE, Gullfaxi KE […]

Healthy Choice

Fish is part of a healthy diet Fish is a very healthy diet for all ages. It is rich in protein and has various other nutrients, such as selenium and iodine. Fatty fish is also rich in vitamin-D and long omega-3 fatty acids, but these nutrients are in few other sources of food.  It is especially important to get enough […]

Saltfish (Bacalao)

Here at Thorfish ltd. we have decades of experience in processing saltfish.  We give great importance to offering high-quality product and a steady supply all year round.  Our main product is from Atlantic Cod, but we also have products from Ling and tusk.  The fish is line caught in Icelandic waters.  Mainly, we produce fillets, […]

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