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Here are a few companies that Thorfish ltd has participated in creating:

“Fishing supplies service” was founded on Jan 1, 2002 with the merger of Thorfish fishing gear department and SH fishing gear in Grindavík.
The companies Thorfish ltd and Fiskanes, that later merged, ran a dedicated fishing gear department for decades.  But SH-fishing gear was founded in 1997 and specialized in installing and maintaining seine fishing gear and various other gears.  Employees experience in servicing fishing gear and working at sea is great.


Haustak was founded in 1999 by Thorfish ltd and Visir ltd in Grindavik.  Haustak is the biggest fishdrying company in Iceland and specializes in drying various fishproducts.  It is located in Reykjanes peninsula, close to the lighthouse.  In 2006, a fish-drying company in Egilsstaðir joined Haustak expanding the production.  Today, there are approximately 50 people working for the company.  The products are mainly dried indoors in the so-called drying cells.  However the conventional method is used by drying some products outdoor.  Nigeria is the largest and most stable market for dried products.


 Salt refinery

In Grindavik, Haustak operates a Salt refinery that receives salt from the bacalao making process and refines the salt for reuse in other industries.  For example, for salting the streets in the winter time, etc.

Codland is a company focused on research and development in fish processing and better raw material utilization.  Codland works closely with companies in the seafood industry and promoting discussion and cooperation on adding value to the business.  



Klafar ltd

Klafar ltd take care of unloading and loading ships for Thorfish and other companies, cold storage servicing, pallet making, and more.


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