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Saltfish (Bacalao)

Here at Thorfish ltd. we have decades of experience in processing saltfish.  We give great importance to offering high-quality product and a steady supply all year round.  Our main product is from Atlantic Cod, but we also have products from Ling and tusk.  The fish is line caught in Icelandic waters.  Mainly, we produce fillets, but produce some quantity of splitted fish as well.  We grade the fish according to the quality and size and pack it up in 25 kg boxes.  Our products can be traced directly to where it was caught, by which ship, and when.  We have an advanced traceability program and by reading the label on the box, you know everything about the origin of the products inside.
For optimal utilization of the raw material during processing, we take into account the consumer habits of our customers.  In Portugal, the saltfish is mainly consumed during celebration.  The highest price is for large, thick, splitted and salted cod.  The product is relatively dry, but a few days before cooking, it is soaked and cut into convenient sizes.

In Mediterranean countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece, the white and thick saltfish of various sizes are more common.  It is popular both in fillets and splitted.  These countries have age-old tradition of eating saltfish and the special authentic curing taste is what it is all about.  

We have developed and improved our ways of curing the saltfish through the years as well as improved all handling of the fish; so, we get the best raw material available for our process.  The end result is a real delicacy with a unique flavor and texture people around the Mediterranean region love.  
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