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Sea-frozen fish

We offer sea-frozen fish, i.e. fish caught, processed, and frozen at sea.We have many products available,click here to see an overview of frozen products..

Our products are all traceable, the label tells you when the product was made, sizes, name of the ship, and location of where it was caught.

In the United States, Frozen fish products are mainly sold to restaurants, canteens, hospitals and schools. People usually buy fish that has been cut into portions fit for a single meal. It is popular to cover the fish in dough and deep fry it, but lately the demand for fish cooked by other means has been rising.


Sea-frozen Red fish is popular in Japan, and prepared in many ways. It is chopped into “cotelettes”, splitted or filleted. The Red fish is served in various dressings, but the most popular one is called “sake lees”, which is a by-product from the making of the popular Sake rice wine, Japans national drink.Greenland halibut is cut into thin slices and cooked in similar ways as the Red fish, and also used raw in various sushi dishes.

The United Kingdom has a rich tradition of fish consumption.They sell a lot of Ready-Meals, but the market for fresh fish in consumer packaging is rising. However, the most popular is the famous “fish’n’chips” dish, deep fried cod fillets with fried potato chips.

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