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Fish is part of a healthy diet

Fish is a very healthy diet for all ages. It is rich in protein and has various other nutrients, such as selenium and iodine. Fatty fish is also rich in vitamin-D and long omega-3 fatty acids, but these nutrients are in few other sources of food.  It is especially important to get enough vitamin-D during the winter months.
Studies on the positive effects of eating fish have in particular been focused on the omega-3 fatty acids, but both fatty and thin fish seems to have positive effects on health and there are probably more than one ingredient at work.  Therefore it is desirable to eat both fatty and thin fish.

According to the results from a national study on diet from 2010-2011, icelandic fish consumption was similar in volume to the year 2002.  Similarly, there is a great difference in consumption of fish by age, and younger people eat about half less of what the elders do.

In recommendations of fish consumption, it is advised to eat fish at least twice a week or more as a main course.  Only half of the participants got that objective.  Women in the agegroup 18-30 years ate only 26 g of fish a day on an average, which corresponds to one fish-meal every 6 days, and the fish consumption of teenagers is similar.

It is important to attend to fish consumption of younger people and it can help in preparing the meal in such a way that it fits the taste of that age group.  Icelandic center of public health issued, a few years back, the brochure  “Lets eat more fish” with various good fish recipes that could suit this age group.  An example is the Tex-mex haddock with tortilla pancakes and tandoori fish recipe.


Recommended fish consumption

At least two meals pr week, and preferably more.
Common dosage is approximately 150 grams and a at least 300 grams pr week.

Source: Directorate of Health 

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