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Product overview

Saltfish* Fresh fish** Frozen fish ***
Cod x x x
Ling x x x
Tusk x x x
Haddock   x x

Red fish     x
Silver smelt     x
Greenland Halibut     x
Lemon sole     x
Witch flounder     x
Mackerel     x
Dab flounder     x
Long rough dab     x
Plaice     x
Herring     x
Cat fish     x
Monk fish     x

*Saltfish is made from line caught fish in Icelandic waters. 

** Fresh fish is sent by flight or chilled containers via hip.  Linecaught in Icelandic waters.

** Frozen fish, is  caught by our freezing trawlers and processed on board, packed and frozen. 

Other products through partnership:

Stockfish* Marine collagen** Calcium*** Fishoil****
Cod x x x x 
Ling x   x x
Tusk x   x x
Haddock    x x x
* Stockfish is dried slices of fish, dried heads and fish spine.

** Marine Collagen is made from fish skin and is considered good for joints and skin.

*** Calcium is made from fish bones.

**** Fish oil  is made from fish intestines. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.


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