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Responsible Fisheries

Thorfish ltd participates in working towards responsible fisheries management.  Our products are certified by the Icelandic logo of origin.  A product certified by the logo of origin guarantees buyers information on products origin and that it was made in a sustainable and responsible way.

The Iceland Responsible Fisheries logo indicates Icelandic origin of fish catches in Icelandic waters and responsible fisheries management. It refers to Icelandic origin and to the Statement on Responsible Fisheries in Iceland. The logo provides opportunities for stakeholders in the value chain of Icelandic seafood to highlight Icelandic origin. Icelandic fishing vessel owners, processing plants as well as other stakeholders in the value chain of Icelandic seafood products can apply for a permit to use the logo. The logo can be used on packaging of products produced from catch of Icelandic  seafood or in advertisements.

The certification model is a robust, common sense, practical and cost-effective approach and allows Icelandic fisheries to meet the FAO criteria for credible certification. This program also utilizes a certifier who is accredited to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) by an International Accreditation Forum member. The result is a model that is practical, verifiable, transparent and incorporates the criteria and procedures outlined in the FAO Code and Guidelines. 

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